Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Being Pretty with Your Own Way

Pretty and Pretty

Everybody want to be pretty, especially women. Women always find the competitors. It can be best friend, partner, college friends. Actually that is not necessary. Yea, fashion is one part how you want to show the world, what you are and you want people look you as the pretty person, trendy and fashionable.

But being pretty and fashionable is not the point to make you be down. Many ways to have find the way to be pretty and every woman deserve to be pretty, because we were born to be pretty.

1. accept yourself as the way you are

Every body have different color skins, shape of body. So, just accept yourself as the way you are. If you hate yourself, how people want accept yourself. That is the important think, don't be low self-esteem because you are fat, skinny or you don't like your color skin. 

If you can accept what things you don't like in yourself, so easy to make you appreciate yourself. Then people will respect you as the way you are.

2. Trend Mode can be disaster.

Who does not like to follow trend mode. People always compete to be trendy or trend mark. Why not!! Have branded clothing, you can show to people how you look on fashion and that is describe you are follow trend mode. But trend mode can be disaster for you.

Why? Because not all trend mode is describe yourself and your personality. Sometimes some people feel disappointed about fashion, they can't wear the trend fashion and become trend mark. Honestly, you can be trend mark as the way you are. You no need to look fashion from magazine to be trend mode for the people.

3. Wear The Comfortable Clothing

What is the point to be pretty? You feel comfortable and confidence. The way you look and wear can be disaster or pretty enough. If you are not comfortable wear dress or clothing, how people will look you? weird or crap? so if you feel comfortable what you wear it, then you can feel confidence. Then you feel pretty, so that people will look you as the nice woman and pretty one. Because you know how to look nice and also comfortable.

Keep Pretty with your own way

Love and kiss

Citra Pandiangan


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