Saturday, August 10, 2013

Promo Agustus | August Promotion on Dwira Fashion

Time so fast, we never know what happened on the future, but every time is so precious. Don't let your time fast without you look so pretty. Dwira offer the promotion on august about many new products and that will make you look so wonderful look. Just take a look on

This month Dwira Fashion offer you many products from hair accessories until product for you want to make your own creation. So don't forget to visit and shop. Because every woman deserve to look pretty....

Shopping until 100.000 IDR in Dwira Fashion and get one free novel with the title "Simpul Terujung" the novel about romance and making your day feel good. For more information just sent question on

Happy weekend and God bless you all......

                     Citra Pandiangan


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