Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Choose a Belt for Every Look

Both functional and stylish, belts do so much for your wardrobe. You can wear a belt simply to help your pants fit or you can wear fashion belts as accessories to your outfit. Most people will have both types of belts to fit the different styles of clothing in their closets. Pairing the right belt with an ensemble can be difficult sometimes, but the following tips can help you choose a belt for every look.
Accessorizing with Belts:

    Dressy and professional: When you need to look sharp, a refined leather belt is always best. Men and women alike should always choose a traditional leather belt for the office or other business and for dressy occasions. Black leather belts as well as brown leather belts are always classic. This doesn't mean you can't have some variety, however. Look for men's belts and women's belts with matte, shiny and croc-embossed finishes to complement your business wardrobe.

    Classic casual: If you're going for an easy, classic look for your casual wardrobe, stick with classic belt styles. Black and brown leather always work well, and you can mix things up with a red belt or worn leather looks. Women's belts with rhinestone or stud detailing add a little dazzle to your casual ensemble, and men's belts with unique belt buckles can also draw attention to your accessory.

    Contemporary urban: Hype up your urban outfit with a look both men and women can pull off. Add a splash of color with a brightly colored or metallic leather belt. Graphic-printed belts and bright studded belts will amp up your contemporary look as well. Choose a belt that accentuates your ensemble rather than one that overwhelms it. If you choose a bright belt, downplay the rest of your clothing.

    Feminine accents: Women's belts can be as fashionable as they are functional, acting as accents or accessories to a certain outfit. Try a skinny braided belt worn high around your waist over a cardigan and T-shirt or a wide beaded belt slung low around your hips. A wide belt cinched around your waist can give a favorite dress a new look as well. You can even find fun fabric belts and sashes to highlight your wardrobe.

    Western: Belts are an important part of the western look. From belt buckles to highly detailed leather embossing, western belts are often the most decorative part of a western outfit. To get your own western look, choose a leather belt with western-style detailing and a large, decorative buckle.


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