Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Have the Best Body and Looks

Do you want to have a great body? Do you want to have looks that will make you totally popular? Then you have come to the right place. Read all of these tips, and you will look the best in no time! Have fun reading, and enjoy your new body and looks!

Exercise daily. When you are young, just work on your core, and legs. If you are in middle school or in older grades, then you can work on your arms too. This is a workout that is great for everybody of each age. If you are in grade school or younger, then just don't do the arm workouts! When you start out, do 50 crunches, and go pretty high. Then put your legs to the side, and do 25 side crunches on each side. Then, do 50 bicycle crunches. After doing that, do a set of 30 pushups, 20, and then 10 pushups. Then stretch out, and do that one more time. To work your legs, if you have an exercise ball, use that to work your legs. Otherwise, just jump up and down as high as possible. Do at least 100 of those. Next, for arms, do weights and on each arm, do 50 ups and downs.

Eat healthy. For breakfast, have an example of toast, with little butter or peanut butter, and to drink have a glass of water, or milk. Also, consider a fruit smoothie, but only have about one small glass of it. Next, for lunch, have some water, a sandwich with meat, or a salad, with carrots and little dressing. If you want something else, get a bag of almonds, or nuts. If you want dessert, then get a very small amount of something like cookies. For a small snack after school, have a lot of water, and a special K bar. They have few calories, and are delicious. For dinner have some meat, veggies, and fruit. Have milk, and water too!! When you go to bed, do not eat much, have a glass of warm milk, and maybe a handful of nuts. Try to avoid having a big snack before bed.

Practice good health hygiene. Try to wash your body everyday, and to get everywhere. Also, get your hair washed very well, and use a conditioner and shampoo.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Make yourself beautiful from inside. Be happy, content, positive and friendly. Your inner beauty will make your outer self glow!


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