Monday, May 20, 2013

How to look slimmer by clothing

How to look slimmer by clothing

It's no secret that there are things that can help correct your figure, for example, to make thinner or visually above to remove too wide hips or waist mark. Many celebrities use these techniques to create a perfect image. But in order to always have the perfect look you do not need expensive stylists and personal advisers need to know a few not complex rules and stick to them. Next, we'll detail how to look slimmer by clothing. 

The problem — the full lap
To hide your knees slightly overweight, you need to wear skirts and straight cut medium length (just above the knee). Look slimmer in a style skirt will help overestimated waist and high heels, and cut the side or rear — accentuate femininity and sexuality.
If you are a fan of pants, your model — is trousers with arrows. In this model, the emphasis is not on my knees done, but for best effect should be a stud. 

• Problem — curvy or flat buttocks
Girls form their buttocks disgruntled look slim because clothes can be due to the skirt flares. Flared but not too fluffy skirt will hide your weaknesses with full buttocks, and add a little volume at too thin. Avoid clothes in direct try a white skirt of any length.
Excellent supplement flared skirt can pretty wide belt, which will emphasize and mark the waist, visually elongating the silhouette. The top best dressed in a blouse and jacket brief, which this spring is very crucial.

• The problem — a small tummy
Throw out your closet all the tight-fitting tops and shirts. But do not worry-free clothes, unlike the stretch, now — the hottest trend! At your disposal tunics, blouses, little dresses with no emphasis on the silhouette. It was such clothes will help you look slimmer.
Sure, look slimmer because clothes can be, but do not forget that your figure of this only gets better visually, and in front of the beach season, where things are no longer able to hide all the flaws. Best version yet — look slimmer by fitness!


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