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Brown and White Skin in The Color

Have Brown Skin, How to Look Good in The Color Clothing

Asian women or some in Europe and also some country there, some women have dark color, including brown color. If you have brown color like my skin, don’t feel unconfidence.

What you must choose to vibrant and contemporary color to the brown skin?

If you want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without getting rid of your black, khaki and white outfits, you need to determine what colors look best for your skin tone. If you have cool- or warm-toned brown skin, the right color can enhance your caramel-, chocolate-brown or mocha-colored skin and transform your look from drab to delightful in an instant.

Ok, this is some of the color good on the brown skin:
Baby Blue and Pink
o    If you have dark hair and eyes, Kino Wear recommends "colors that contrast with your dark features and catch the eye." If you want to add pastel colors to your wardrobe, baby blue and pink are two vibrant shades that mix well with khaki, gray, navy and white. For work, pair a crisp pink French-cuff shirt with a business suit to add this strong pastel color into your work wardrobe.
Lemon Yellow and Mint Green
o    Yellow is a sunny shade that complements light- and dark-brown skin tones. If your skin has cool or blue undertones, lemon yellow is an ideal choice for scarves, jewelry and blouses paired with chocolate-brown and khaki clothing options.
If you like green, mint is not just for Easter. In fact, women with dark complexions look best in this strong pastel. Choose a mint-green raincoat or a green pashmina scarf to wear this vibrant color year-round.

Claret Red, Tangerine and Mango Orange
o    If you have warm or yellow undertones, "colors that complement your features are tangerine and orange-based reds," suggests the website Add Space to Your Life. Tangerine and mango orange are tropical tones that look best on women with olive complexions, brown hair and brown eyes.
Pair your orange colors with chocolate-brown and white clothing. Accent this warm hue with silver shoes and pewter accessories. If you like red, claret is a dramatic and deep red that works with any neutral color in your closet, such as khaki, white, black and navy blue. Claret is also a deep and rich hue that flatters warm-toned brown skin best.

Then how about skin with the blonde brown, red or black hair?
Clothing Colors for Fair Skin with Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black Hair

Marcia Cross, Cool skin tone and red hair, Lavender dress. Clothing Colors for Fair Skin with Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black Hair.

How do you choose the perfect clothing colors for fair skin?
In this hub we determine this by assessing whether you have warm or cool skin tones and blonde, red, brown, or black hair.
First, fair-skinned people can have either a warm or cool skin tone. Which one do you have?

To determine whether you are a warm or cool:
  1. First, hold a piece of silver-colored metal jewelry next to your face.
  2. Next, hold a piece of gold-colored metal jewelry next to your face.
  3. Since gold is warm, if the gold jewelry blended with your skin the best, you are a warm.
  4. Since silver is cool, if the silver jewelry blended with your skin the most, you are a cool.
The next step is to select your your skin tone below along with the color of your hair. This will determine your best fair skin clothing colors.

Warm skin tone and brown hair:

  • Soft pink, white, chocolate, black, royal blue, kelly green, maroon

Warm skin tone and red hair:
  • Peach, soft pink, brown, off-white, royal purple, royal blue, emerald green

Warm skin tone and blonde hair:
  • Gray, dusky purple, kelly green, powder blue, brown, black

Cool skin tone and black hair:
  • White, gray, red, royal blue, navy blue, powder blue

Cool skin tone and red hair:
  • Pastel pink, turquoise, pale blue, white, lavendar

Cool skin tone and blonde hair:
  • Pink, royal blue, turquoise, white, black, red, lavendar

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