Monday, April 29, 2013

Confused to Buy Bikini?

Buying a bikini?

Get The tips and tricks!
Every woman always have desire to look so different and pretty in every activities in their life. Although when go to the beach. But every woman know their shape body and every shape body every people are different.
Then how to get good bikini to your body?
Do not let yourself be fooled by fashion magazines, TV, or anything else. But: do try to dress well! For example, The average size of the a UK woman is size 16 (size 16 UK = 12 US; Source: Daily Mail).

Choose a model Bikini that suits you!
Before buying bikini, make a good choice for what kind of top and bottom you want. The key is that you should feel good in it. If you do not like or feel sexy in a Brazilian bottom. Also do not choose a Halter bikini if you have a large cup size and plan to exer size on the beach.

What is the difference halter and triangle bikini top:
  • Triangle tip is a triangle bikini consists of two triangular pieces. This lifts and emphasizes the breasts.
  • Halter top is a halter bikini has a wider band around the neck. This bikini has more coverage.

What is the difference euro, brazilian and thong bikini bottom:
  • Euro bottom/ normal bikini bottom: the Euro bottom is low on the hips and has regular back coverage. The euro bikini is the best known and most worn bikini bottom;
  • Brazilian bottom: a brazilian bottom has half coverage on the back;
  • Thong bottom: a small bottom which has no back coverage.

Choose Strings or not?
Strings make your hips look smaller. If you do not take a bikini with strings (like the more traditional bikini bottoms), your hips will look bigger and this will emphasize your figure.

How to Mix and Match
New in the bikini fashion is "mix and match". Previously you could only buy bikini sets. In other words, a bikini top and bottom that belong together. Today this is different and you put your own top and bottom together.

Then you already know what the bikini you want to look sexy on the beach plus comfortable and confidence? Stay tune on this blog to get new information about fashion.


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