Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Meaning of DwiRa Fashion Logo

Why is the name DwiRa Fashion online shopping?

Because DwiRa Fashion its own significance if some of the letter share combined. The intended meaning is relatively Elegant Women's World, Fashion Alternative Sexy Humble Intellectual Original Neat.
The Elegance ofeverywomanisrelative. Her world is filled with the desire for fashion. Therefore I think it is part of the fashion world to support the appearance of women both characteristic and the inner beauty of herself. Everything covered in FASHION. The selection of mode dress, simple that reflects the original, intelligence dressed woman in a neat style. Fashion (Mode), Alternative (Options), Sexy (Sexy), Humble (Modest, simple), Intellectual(educated, cleverly), Original (native), Neat (tidy).

Why is DwiRa Fashion Logo like this?

The images describe a woman elegance

The images  show water waves ; every woman's life is  filled with waves that  continue to flow like water.

The image of DwiRa Fashion font is colourful and  distinct  women fashion and style  vary  with many colours which distinguish the joy and excitement of the lady .

The image of the butterfly resembles a beautiful woman fashion and design  represent life through changes of colour, a woman can metamorphosis from the dull to a beautiful butterfly with Dwira fashion products. Before becoming a beautiful butterfly, it is a caterpillar. To turn into beautiful it had to go through the process of metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is the process of a caterpillar into a new animal (perfect phase) is a butterfly.

How can I buy DwiRa Fashion products?

You can buy DwiRa fashion products and accessories at the DwiRa Fashion website or through facebook.
To order// name of product (code) and size and quantity via SMS ..... BBM 23B99DA9 WHATTSAP +62 813 7201 9454

How, by sending name products to buy (code), size and items 



Fashion DwiRa accept payment via bank, western union, money gram and also money express,  for overseas customers.

How to process a transaction at DwiRa Fashion products?

We will ship the goods after money is received within 48 hours, after evidence of proof payment is received  by email. You can photograph or scan the evidence payment. Item will be shipped to buyer's address. Shipping costscoveredbythe buyer.

Is Purchased goods can be returned?
There are several products that can be returned. On condition three days after the item is received, the goods must be returned in accordance with the conditions as the goods are delivered. Shipping costs is borne by the buyer.

If item is returned can I be refunded payment?
As you make a transaction at a market or boutique, items purchased cannot be returned. However, we accept the return of goods (for certain items) but you cannot take the money back. You can choose the same product or other products valued transactions.

Do I get benefits if I recommend my friend to buy DwiRa Fashion products?
If u recommend a friend or person to make a purchase at DWIRA FASHION u will receive up to a 10 % discount off your next purchase.. Plus you will go in to a prize draw if your friends shop at DWIRA FASHION.

How, she/he must sent letter before/after payment she/he got recommend to shopping in DwiRa Fashion by Mr/Mrs......... Member Number ………

Service delivery of any item used by DwiRa Fashion?
DwiRa Fashion use delivery service through the Post Office (express package), JTE and TIKI. For oversea, we are recommended by Post Office.


* If you have questions regarding DwiRa Fashion, you can send an email to; owner will answer any questions that came immediately. To check the reply email, check spam folder in case the email replies go to folder.

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