Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tips Dressing for Extra Weight Woman

Fashion dresses for Extra Weight women

Being woman with the extra weight body, don’t feel so bad or you can’t be stylist.. For women, specially who had extra weight (women with curvaceous), you should know how to pick up trendy dresses.
The wrong fact about women with the extra weight can’t get the fancy stuffs. Who said that, it is really wrong. Every women deserve to be pretty with the fancy stuffs. But, how to dressing with your own style and comfortable in your body… Read this article and I wish it can help you to open minded about your new fashion….

How to choose fashionable dresses for Oversize women
*  When choosing a dress, You have to focus on the length and shape of her silhouette, as a long dress or a trapezoidal-shaped silhouette. Why? Because length visually make you look slimmer, and will add femininity, combined with a high waist.

*  Choose the dress has a V-shaped cut in the neck , must emphasize the beauty of the lush bosom. Not be superfluous bows, ruffles. Plus when choose the dress color, you also must notice the good color. For the women who’s extra weight, pick the color up like dark blue, dark red, black, purple, emerald green, lilac. Why must choose the dark color, because if you choose very bright colors are not suitable. Making you look increase or enlarge.

*  Good decision — this dress with a belt at the waist and skirt, which expands to the bottom. Don’t used or pick the dress with a belt in the waist and hip, that’s making you look more big. That is why you have to pick the dress up with the belt below the chest for making you look curved.

Although you have extra weight don’t lose confidence in yourself. You will find many ways to success and glory. Choose the good fashion for your shape body even you have extra body or fat. In DwiRa Fashion make you feel more confident and make you feel like the real queen in every moment in your activities. 

Happy Shopping……..

            Citra Pandiangan


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